Monthly Archives: May 2020

A very transparent worm

This guy was mighty busy, but when he would sit still for me, I got some very cool images of his insides! In the last picture, I hadn’t noticed at first, but he snuck outside of the microscope slide and got hisself dehydrated. F

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All kinds of tiny things

I collected a few samples of nasty water sitting around in my yard. There weren’t too many live things in them, but here are some pretty plant matter that I really liked: Here are a couple EDF images of a worm that only sat still for a few seconds: I think this was the head […]

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Insects, redux

I got out my microscope again since it is sludge-in-the-yard season. While doing so, I was playing around in the Amscope camera software. Turns out, it has some really neat features, including an EDF (extended depth of field) function that can be used with the live video view to create deep images at any magnification. […]

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